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Introductions - Read MOI!

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Introductions - Read MOI! Empty Introductions - Read MOI!

Post by vin-nii Thu Sep 16, 2010 1:59 pm

Sup readers

Welcome to the re-organized Nayuki Love forums. We thought that the comment section might not provide enough space for you guys to show us your gratitude or telling us how we're killing the industry or just to have a friendly chat so we've reinvented the forum ^_^

With all sticky know it. Forum Rules

  • Please put your GMT in your location (since I'm Aussie I'll be GMT +10). This is help us host some live events such as the anime watch-toegther a while back.

  • The Rant thread is not just a private place for Pimp and myself to have massive nerd offs. If you've got a passion then get in there and make a name for yourself. The same goes for the shoutbox.

  • As for the chatbox... well people drop by the Chat Box every now and then so it won't hurt to have a check.

  • There are currently no restriction on banner size but please use your own discretion. Youtube and other video links or TLDR material must be put in a spoiler tag to avoid epic walls of threads.

  • You must use creative allusions when talking about any NSFW material. Fail to comply with this rule or come up with something acceptable will result in... getting slapped around with a trout?

well that's all ther housekeeping for now. So welcome to /NL/ to please continue to support us (morally)


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Introductions - Read MOI! Empty Re: Introductions - Read MOI!

Post by Polo5021 Sat Apr 20, 2013 12:55 pm

*Thumbs up*

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